` Publications from The High Lab at The University of Chicago

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Science Magazine Research Highlight "Straining diamond for quantum control"

UChicago Press Release "Researchers invent new way to stretch diamond for better quantum bits"

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Nature Photonics News and Views "Chiral quantum optics goes electric"

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Featured in APS Physics "Refractive-Index Puzzle Explained"

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Nature Nanotechnology News and Views "Tunable confinement of charges and excitations"

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Nature News & Views "Mirrors made of a single atomic layer"

Featured in APS Physics "Reflectivity of Ultrathin Mirror Switches with Voltage"

Editors' Suggestion, Physical Review Letters

Y. Zhou*, G. Scuri*, D.S. Wild*, A.A. High*, A. Dibos, L.A. Jauregui, C. Shu, K. De Greve, K. Pistunova, A.Y. Joe, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, P. Kim, M.D. Lukin & H. Park, "Probing dark excitons in atomically thin semiconductors via near-field coupling to surface plasmon polaritons," Nature Nanotechnology 12, 856–860 (2017)

Nature Nanotechnology News & Views "2D materials: Brightening the dark excitons"

A.A. High*, R.C. Devlin*, A. Dibos, M. Polking, D.S. Wild, J. Perczel, N.P. de Leon, M.D. Lukin & H. Park, "Visible-frequency hyperbolic metasurface," Nature 522, 192-196 (2015)

Nature News & Views "Nanophotonics: Bright future for hyperbolic chips"

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Science Perspective "Look but don't touch the metals"

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Nature Nanotechnology News & Views "Excitons condense"

Science Editors' Choice "Watching Excitons Condense"

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Editors' Suggestion, Physical Review Letters

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Nature Photonics News & Views "Optical switching: Excitonic interconnects"

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A.A. High, E.E. Novitskaya, L.V. Butov, M. Hanson & A.C. Gossard, "Control of exciton fluxes in an excitonic integrated circuit," Science 321, 229 (2008)

Nature Nanotechnology Research Highlights "Optoelectronic circuits: Excitons make a start"

Nature Physics News & Views "Optoelectronics: Electronics lightens up"

A.A. High, A.T. Hammack, L.V. Butov, M, Hanson & A.C. Gossard, "Exciton optoelectronic transistor," Optics Letters 32, 2466 (2007)

Nature Photonics Research Highlights "Exciton transistor"